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2015-04-29 10:53 pm
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Just Do It

The next time I hear you say “I want to die!” I would personally put a knife on your throat and make you think twice about the idea of dying.

A person doesn’t just say he wants to die, not out loud. If you’re going to do it, just do it I hate to sound like a Nike commercial but that’s just how it is, plan it and do it why do you need to let the whole world hear it? So their attention can be focused on you? So no matter how absurd your reason is the will sympathize with you because you make them think you’re giving up on your precious life? Life that you’re trying to convince yourself that is worthless but deep inside you know you’re too scared to let go, to have that last breath, because to you the regret seems to be too much for you to handle. Some one who is tired of their lives and wants nothing to do with it anymore is also tired of all the bullshit that people are trying to tell him, they only have one goal: Die, right away. No need for goodbyes, no need for any statuses, nothing, they just do it.