Jan. 21st, 2015 11:33 pm
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In the book trilogy of A Great and Terrible Beauty, there's this main character, everything revolves around her. The book keeps making her look like the hero, the cause of everything, the protagonist. But for me it doesn't feel right. Gemma Doyle is a weak woman. Yes she has the power of the realms but she's not exactly the one in control, she lets her friends push her around, her friend felicity seems more like the protagonist. She orders everyone around but she has the sense of responsibility and courage Gemma needs to have. The reason why Gemma achieved everything she has done sine the first book is because Felicity and the people around her told her so. And as I keep reading that book, I kept thinking I am like her. I am my own Gemma Doyle. I act like the Hero but in reality I'm not. I only act when I'm told so, I can't act on my own. I over think my decisions causing me to stop and do nothing. Because I don't take risks. I only act like it.

I'm fake.
I'm a robot.
I'm nothing without the people around me.

I am not my own master.
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exposedskin: It would be an honor to be a tree that is a slave to the moon (Default)

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