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When this started i didn't know what I was getting into.
You were a friend.
Then things changed, the sad thing is I alone noticed the change.

You've created a line we cannot cross.
Instead of being on the same side I am stuck opposite from you.
And though you try to give me enough of what I need.
I let greed swallow me whole.

I wait for the day when you meet someone new, someone well suited for you.
And I ask myself "Will that be the same day you'll get tired of me?"

It is such a terrifying question to ask.
But still I'll take the chance
For it'll be your answer that will decide my death.

Will I die on the other side as I watch you live your life
Or do I get chance to be with you on that ever so hopeful side.
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exposedskin: It would be an honor to be a tree that is a slave to the moon (Default)

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